Buying a home is the second-most stressful event in our lives.

Brian L. Tiffany

Brian L. Tiffany

That's what the studies say.

But when you buy or sell with us, it's more like the 2,973rd most stressful event. (Right below running out of milk.)

Don't go it alone. We're the best in the business--friendly, knowledgeable, and affordable--and waiting to help you today.

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I've been around the block...

If it can affect buying or selling--interest rates, market surpluses, appraiser strikes--we're on top of it. My years of experience in commercial and residential lending and development are always at work for you.

After 30 years in banking and 15 years as a real estate development consultant and President of the Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce, Brian L. Tiffany is pleased to announce that he is now a licensed real estate professional, partnering with EXP, a cloud-based agent-owned company. “EXP Realty has offered me the opportunity to build my business of commercial and residential real estate sales and leasing, so that I can further my passion and commitment to making Cincinnati a great place to live and work.”

During his 6 years at the Cincinnati Development Fund, Brian worked as a consultant and loan officer in creating nearly 850 new housing units throughout Over-the-Rhine and the central business district.  As President of the Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce, Brian implemented the Business First Grant Program that attracted over 70 new businesses to OTR and created nearly 350 new jobs through some of the most difficult economic times.  In addition to this critical revitalization of our urban core, Brian brings 27 years of banking experience in both commercial and residential lending to his new venture.

“I look forward to working with the EXP Realty team at a particularly exciting time in our City where there continues to be pent up demand for housing in our urban core and continued demand for quality commercial space as we see more and more new businesses select Cincinnati as their home.”